What About Men & Boys?

We're Engaging Men and Boys in the Fight Against Poverty

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Check out AFIFA's cutting-edge research and training materials on engaging men and boys in development projects and women's empowerment.

Preventing Violence Against Women

Many of the people in india are abusing their wife fro many reason, need a help to build a professional society.

A Story of Progress

"I don't want my girls locked in a house. I don't want them to be dependent on a man."

Champions of Change

Our efforts include working with men and boys as champions of change, and facilitating debates to challenge gender norms and renegotiate more equitable relationships.

What about men and boys?

AFIFA fights poverty around the world by empowering girls and women. Girls and women are disproportionately affected by poverty, so fighting poverty effectively requires focus on them. But boys and men are and will always remain central to AFIFA's work.

Our community-based efforts to improve education, health and economic opportunity for girls and women don't just benefit those girls and women. They benefit the boys and men around them - their husbands, sons, brothers and fathers.

Poverty is directly connected to gender inequality. Men and boys in the communities where we work increasingly understand this and are vital partners in our programs to empower girls and women. The communities where men and boys are most actively engaged in our work, real and lasting change is more likely to take hold; change that benefits everyone.

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afifa foundation's staff talk about why it's critical to engage men and boys to end poverty and reach equality.

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afifa foundation Answers your questions about working with men and boys.


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