Women's Empowerment

Unlock Powerful Potential

Women and girls in the developing world are hit hardest by poverty. We deliver the knowledge and support they need to forge new opportunities.

Keep Girls in the Picture

Without school, a girl's future fades away. Learn about barriers to girls' education with our video yearbook and stories.

Stop the Violence

One in three women worldwide have been raped, abused, forced into prostitution, or suffered some other form of violence. We need to do something to stop this atrocity.

"It's a Man's World"

Really? Tell us another one. Meet the people busting this and other misguided myths that hold women and girls back.

Power Lasting Change

Want to make a real impact? Join our Partners for Change giving program. Your monthly gift will save lives every day.

Racing to Empower Women

Women's are the future of india tomorrow, keep them to move for Development.


Because women produce half the world's food, put in two-thirds of the world's working hours, and yet make only 10 percent of the world's income. That's not just disheartening, it's unjust. We fight for gender equality, because righting this imbalance is key to fighting global poverty.


As part of our holistic approach to fighting poverty, we work with men and boys to engage them in discussions about gender equality and violence so they can become champions of change in their communities.


Globally, one out of three women will be beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime. We offer support and services for victims and educate community members to prevent further violence.


In the last 30 seconds, 13 girls under the age of 18 got married. And not happily. Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that keeps girls out of school, endangers their health and sentences them to a lifetime of poverty.

The Case for Women's Empowerment

Women and girls make up the majority of the 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. At Afifa foundation, we are committed to ending poverty - by attacking its root causes, not only its consequences.

In practice, this means that we can't just build a school - we must ensure girls' rights to education. It means not only providing HIV and reproductive health information, counseling and testing, but also fighting for every individual's right to be free from abuse or violence.

afifa foundation is committed to uncovering and transforming the political, social and economic relationships at the heart of poverty - our work to improve the health and well-being of women and girls is critical to that fight.

Stories of Empowerment

Explore our video playlist of stories about women who, with AFIFA's help, have created lasting change in their own lives.


Our Work

We help communities plan for emergencies, and work to ensure they receive food, water, shelter, healthcare and other relief supplies when they need them most.