Senior Citizen Health

Heart Broken Sound from a Senior Citizens

More than 64% senior citizens are helpless, and cause dies every years. One day you will be in this Position. Save them...

Our Technical Expertise

See the tools, approaches, research, and projects on Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health that AFIFA uses in more than 10 Location around.

Help Her Live

AFIFA has made reducing maternal mortality one of our top priorities in the fight against poverty.

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AFIFA works around the world to influence policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Mission "Help Senior Citizen"

Why? " Mission Help Senior Citizen"

When Your heath is not support to work, When no one help you, When no one serve you, When you are Lonely, When goverment does gives you any support, don't be hopeless : we will help you.

These are common for all indian farmers, workers, serviceman. Because sometime you family doesn't support you, and some time you doesn't have fancially good.

We Provide you the complete Solution

We help the senior citizen by Food, Cloth, Shelter, Medicine, extra . And we are mostly foused on HEALTH OF SENIOR CITIZENs.

Need of Health Care !

Urgently we need 4 Health Centers in Bihar on the District of Kishanganj.Please ! Help Us, To Establish the Help Centers in Kishanganj, Bihar, India


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