Health Centers & Health Camps

Safeguarding Health for Mothers and Families

A family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy.

Our Technical Expertise

See the tools, approaches, research, and projects on Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health that AFIFA uses in more than 10 Location around.

Help Her Live

AFIFA has made reducing maternal mortality one of our top priorities in the fight against poverty.

Share Your Voice

AFIFA works around the world to influence policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Health Centers or Health Care

Health Care or Health Centers or Hospitals or Clininc

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of humans dies, due to lake of Health Cares or Doctors.

Our Mission of " Health Service " we are providind the facility to the public for Health cares with saficient capacity.

Health Cares in Emergencies

Our Emergencies team have one branch of " Emergency Health Care ". They provide the medical facility to accidental place during emergencies.

Health Camps

Our Health Mission Team organizes " Health Camps" in regular interval of time in different location of country. To Provide the medical facility FREE of Cost.

Educate for Better Health

Our team provide the training for better health and protection from various disease.

Working As a Goverment Agent

Our team sometime working as a govermental Agent for the Service of Goverment projects .


Where We Work