Food, Water, Nutrient, Medicine

Malnutrition Cause death ..

90 % of children , womens, men are effected from Malnutrition, and caused of dealth. Save them.

Our Technical Expertise

See the tools, approaches, research, and projects on Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health that AFIFA uses in more than 10 Location around.

Help Her Live

AFIFA has made reducing maternal mortality one of our top priorities in the fight against poverty.

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AFIFA works around the world to influence policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Food, Water, Nutrient, Medicine

Mission !

More than 90% of Peoples in bihar are facing the problems of Food, Water, Nutrient, Medicine . This cause the decay in the health of the peoples. and for this they are un-develop. And facing lot of health related problems. There is need of proper guidance and help for better health.

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