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A Smart Investment

When you invest in education, children will pay it forward. Equipped with knowledge and confidence, they will grow up to lead healthier, more productive lives.

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Keep Girls in the Picture

Without school, a girl's future fades away. Learn about barriers to girls' education with our video yearbook and stories.

Demand Education for All

There are 57 million children out of school worldwide. Speak up! Tell them they deserve an education by supporting the Education For All Act.

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Our Education Work

In 2015 alone, afifa foundation reached more than 1000s of students in 10 Location.

We work alongside communities, governments and partner organizations at many levels to address all aspects of basic education.

Drawing strength from our global reach, decades of experience, extensive education portfolio and partnerships, we develop innovative learning solutions and provide educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill everyone's need to learn.

We train teachers and other school personnel to improve the quality of education while linking education programs to interventions in health, nutrition and livelihoods to better address the reasons children don't attend school. We also help communities assess and overcome their unique barriers to learning.

Sorry! We have no School, College ....

Currently We have no any School, College, Training Centers. Due to lake of funds. It will Start Soon. Please help to establish these institutions.

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Our Work

We help communities plan for emergencies, and work to ensure they receive food, water, shelter, healthcare and other relief supplies when they need them most.