Small Sector Industries

Markets Are a Driving Force in Everyone's Life.

Heart of afifa foundation " Small Sector Industries"

Small Sector Industries is the basic and prime importance to develop the indian economy.

in india more than 75 % are involved with agriculture. But they un-developed, beacause continously distribution in farming area and changes in enviroments. So there in needs of Small Sector Industries

The rural poor need access to the agricultural inputs and services they need to increase their harvests. They need access to buyers to sell their crops at fair prices. And they need access to products, services like healthcare and education, and household goods to provide their families with the lives they deserve.

AFIFA is leading a movement to better respond to these needs. We're helping not only to build the skills of poor farmers but creating more inclusive markets and strengthening the links between poor people and the businesses they need in order to improve their lives and escape poverty.

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