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From food and nutrition, to education, to livelihoods, Join My Village supports AFIFA programs that address communities' most critical needs. Find out how we are helping.

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Want to make a real impact? Join our monthly giving program. As a Partner for Change, your ongoing gift will save lives every day.

Fund Needed

Our various projects are pending, due to lake of funds.


Registration For Help

Our HELP TEAM is always ready to help you, feel free to join us. for this there is need of a simple registration. click below for register.

Join a needed Person

If you are visiting any one in problem and need of help. If they are unable reach us, Please help them by a simple registration.

Our Finacial Report

Our all works are open for public, we always share our all reports. We are completely transparent for all.

Our Work

We help communities plan for emergencies, and work to ensure they receive food, water, shelter, healthcare and other relief supplies when they need them most.