Health Centers in Emergencies

20 Million People in Need

Erratic weather, failed crops, soaring food prices and violence complicate relief efforts for the 20 million people who are at risk of food insecurity.

"My Daughter Returns From Far Away, a True Miracle"

Read how a family in Niger overcame food insecurity.

5 Million Children are Suffering From Acute Malnutrition


In our country,1000 of 1000 peoples are effected by many natural crisis. Our " Emergency Team" always ready to support accident effected persons by Foods, Cloths, Water, Medicines and Shelters.

Please! Put your hand with us, to help the accident effected persons.

Health Center in Emergencies

Our Health Emergencies Team is always armed for the help of crisis effected person. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, few million people in the Bihar region faced an extreme food crisis in 2012. The worst of the crisis was averted, but the risk of its return remains. Today, 20 million people in the region are at risk of food insecurity and 2.5 million of them need immediate lifesaving food assistance. An estimated 5 million children younger than 5 will suffer from malnutrion in 2014.

Compounding existing food insecurity, the recent combination of erratic rains, failed crops, soaring food prices and regional instability has left millions of people hungry. The recurrence of this food crisis has eroded the region's resilience and coping abilities and has devastated residents of the Sahel region who already suffered from chronic poverty before. Many never recovered from the 2012 food crisis and are unable to withstand another blow to their livelihoods.

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How AFIFA FOUNDATION works in emergencies


In 2016 alone, AFIFA reached 1000 people affected by natural disasters, conflict situations and other crises.


In emergencies, AFIFA is among the first to arrive and the last to leave. When it comes to responding to an emergency, timing is crucial.