Transform india digitaly

Sustainable development through digitalisation is the heart of our work.

In A Deadly Emergencies

afifa foundation_s emergencies team are always stands on the ground of accident to provide you relief.

Empower Her

Once empowered a girl by education, economic opportunity or choice, a woman can be a catalyst for positive change in her community.

Save Health & Earth

We help to save your wealthiest thing in the world, save your health & support your envirnment to protect...

What We Do !

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Gifts for kids

Save child @ Rs 100

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Gifts for Women

Medical care @ Rs 125

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Educate a Girl

Educate her @ Rs 500

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Empower a Woman

Skilled her @ Rs 1000

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Rural Development

One activity @ Rs 2500

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Food for a day

For today @ Rs 25


Empower Women

Zero Hunger

Feed the Hungry

No Poverty

Educate Girls in the Poorest Countries

Social Justice

Put an end to the spread of HIV & AIDS

Good Health

Provide Clean Water to Communities

Education for All

Poverty & Social Justice around the World

Advance Training

Healthcare for Mothers

Integrated Rural Development

Help End Child Marriage

Humanitarian Relief

Provide Economic Opportunities for the Poorest People around the World

Womens Empowerment

Empower Youth

Partnership for the Goals

End Violence Against Women

Sustainable Economies

Climate Change

Digital Transformation

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